Our patients say that the clinicians at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale are some of the best dentists in Westchester. And for good reason!

They are committed to their patients. They also stay on top of the latest dental technology and practices with continuing education. Each one of our dentists lead their field. Read on for more information about our four dentists and what sets them apart.

Dr. Steven A. Brisman

Dr. Steven A. Brisman’s love of art and science drew him to dentistry. He earned his degree at Washington University. He then went on to earn his DMD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. After, he became the Chief Dental Resident at North Shore University Hospital. While there, he completed his advanced training for Prosthodontics in New York.

Dr. Brisman is passionate about helping others, which led him to a career in prosthodontics. Dr. Brisman is the original developer of Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale. He works hard to make sure that he and his staff create a superior experience for their patients. Dr. Brisman focuses on improving his patients’ quality of life through some of the best dentistry in Westchester.

Steven A. Brisman, DMD Prosthodontist in Westchester - Dentists

Dr. Kevin M. Loshak

Dr. Kevin Loshak knew he wanted to be a dentist since he was 12. He completed his psychology degree from the State University of New York at Albany. After, Dr. Loshak got his DDS from the University of Maryland Dental School. He did a residency in periodontology at Booth Memorial Medical Center in Queens. Dr. Loshak also did postgraduate work at the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery.

Dr. Loshak joined Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale for one big reason: their quality dentistry and friendly, personalized care. He loved the environment and recognized the expertise. So, he joined the team. Dr. Loshak offers periodontal services to people throughout Westchester.

Kevin M. Loshak, DDS Periodontist in Westchester, New York - - Dentists

Dr. Adam Silevitch

At the heart of our pediatric dentistry practice at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale is Dr. Adam Silevitch, affectionately known as Dr. Adam. He’s not just a board-certified pediatric dentist but a friend to all his young patients and their families. His charismatic demeanor and innate ability to put children at ease have made him a cherished figure within our community.

Dr. Adam Silevitch

Dr. Amy Guccione

Dr. Guccione says joining the team at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale has provided her with the ideal opportunity to develop and grow her clinical and professional skills. “Prosthodontics is the most artistically oriented specialty,” she says, adding “I like being able to solve the puzzle of how to treat the more complicated cases!” Dr. Guccione loves smile design and the ability to restore functionality, aesthetics, and confidence to her patients with custom restorations. “I like to work with my hands, and I being able to help patients who might require the removal of many of their remaining teeth followed by the fabrication of fixed or removeable or anterior (front) restorations. The result is a new, improved smile.”

Amy Guccione, DDS Prosthodontist in Westchester, New York - - Dentists

Dr. Junaid Rajani

Dr. Junaid Rajani is a skilled Prosthodontist renowned for his extensive training and innovative approach to dentistry. A proud alumnus of Stony Brook University, he earned both his DDS and MS in Biomedical Sciences with a focus on Oral Biology, followed by an Advanced Certificate in Prosthodontics.  Committed to professional growth, he is actively involved in the ADA, ACP, and GNYAP. He firmly believes that each patient deserves customized care tailored to their unique dental needs and aspirations.

Dr. Junaid Rajani - Prosthodontist in Westchester, New York

Dr. Carmine Peña

Dr. Carmine Peña is celebrated for her expertise in endodontic care. Graduating from NYU with a Biology degree followed by a DDS, she specialized in Endodontics at VA New York Harbor. A dedicated member of both the AAE and ADA, Dr. Peña is committed to providing cutting-edge endodontic treatments. Dr. Peña’s approach ensures each patient receives individualized, compassionate care for their dental health needs.

Carmine Peña, DDS Endodontist in Westchester