“Teeth In The Back of Your Mouth Matter Too!”

In many cases, our best reconstructive dentistry occurs on back teeth. This patient came to our practice concerned about broken fillings and cracking teeth in the back of their mouth. We were able to provide new restorations, both aestethic and functional, on these back teeth. What a difference!

“It’s never too late!”

In some cases, a patient’s oral health has deteriorated to the point where many people think it is ‘beyond repair.’ This is not the case! This patient wanted us to “fix his smile” and we did!

“Implants are an incredible solution”

This patient came to us with multiple missing teeth and a removable prosthesis that she did not like. We were able to transform her smile with dental implants

“You deserve to love your smile!”

This patient came to us with two concerns: the position of her teeth when she smiled and their color. Our team of specialists, including an orthodontist, a periodontist, and a prosthodontist worked together on her full-mouth reconstruction. What a transformation!