A Revolutionary Approach to Prosthesis Fabrication

Our newest dental laboratory, “On-the-Mark,” is named after Dr. Brisman’s late brother Mark, who was tragically lost on 9-11. The spirit of and commitment to excellence, as portrayed by our lab, continues to bring customized restorations for our patients, as we have for over 20 years.

In 2019, Dr. Brisman re-imagined and re-focused our in-house lab with a migration towards a digital workflow. “On The Mark” laboratory has a revolutionary new approach to in-house prosthesis fabrication, designed to become the new GOLD STANDARD for dental restorations.

Westchester dentist Dr. Brisman has created a dental lab setting that blends the “old-world” artisan technician with the digital CAD/CAM designer and engineer. The newly evolved team works alongside Dr. Brisman and the entire clinical staff, merging analog and digital technology to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients.

As technology has evolved, so has the ability of technicians and dentists in Westchester to utilize new methods when creating optimum restorations for their patients. We can now leverage the latest technologies and highest quality materials available to create outstanding customized prostheses exclusively for our patients.

Instead of the familiar intraoral impression or “goop” process, our dental lab technicians can now use comfortable and fast digital “impressions.” This makes the impression process faster and more comfortable for our patients and helps ensure each prosthesis is of the highest possible quality and provides an optimum fit.

Benefits of an In-House Dental Laboratory

“On The Mark” in-house laboratory as part of our practice has many benefits, including:

  • Support of a team approach involving the patient, the dentist, and the dental technologist
  • Shorter wait times for both simple restorations and more complex prostheses since there is no need to contract with an outside lab and wait weeks for delivery
  • Better materials, enhanced quality control, improved accuracy of fabrication, and a more customized fit for each restoration, resulting in more predictable prostheses

“On the Mark” laboratory provides a seamless dental experience for our team and patients. Our certified dental lab technicians and Westchester dentists work together daily, so communication is quick, clear, and concise. Every restoration and prosthesis becomes part of the team effort, and every Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale patient becomes an automatic priority.

Our laboratory is so highly spoken of that other dentists in Westchester regularly seek permission to use it to fabricate their own patients’ restorations.