Dental Implants

Dental bridges are essentially new teeth that are made from a combination of metal, ceramic, and porcelain. When made well, dental bridges are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Aesthetically, bridges are usually an improvement over patients’ natural teeth because they’re symmetrical, the ideal enamel color, and evenly aligned. They’re a vast improvement over smiles with missing teeth.

To install dental bridges, they have to be anchored to miniature titanium screws that are placed in the gums. These anchor screws are called dental implants, and they’re spaced out in strategic areas of the mouth to give your new teeth the sturdiest support and staying power. The titanium dental bridges eventually fuse with your bone. When the process is complete, your bridges will look and function just like natural teeth.

Teeth-In-A-Day allows you to leave our office with a full set of temporary and natural arches and all the implants that you’ll need to support your new bridge when it comes back from the lab. As soon as your permanent bridges arrive, you can come in for a quick appointment. We’ll remove the temporary bridges and quickly anchor the permanent set in place.

This treatment plan is made possible by using state-of-the-art 3D scanners that allow us to build an accurate image of your mouth. With this technology, we custom-create temporary bridges and make a 3-D model of your mouth so the lab can create your permanent arches. We can even give you the option of removable or fixed bridges.

The Advantages of Teeth-In-A-Day

There are so many reasons to get Teeth-In-A-Day, some of which include:

  • Having a broken smile affects self-confidence. Patients leave our office with a functional set of teeth that allow them to eat, speak, and look as they normally should.
  • This treatment plan lets you get back to normal in just one day. In the years before this treatment was developed, patients had to wait months for anchors to fuse with their bones before they could get their bridge installed. This newly developed treatment plan eliminates several months of waiting.
  • Patients can get teeth removed and dental implants installed on the same day.
  • Where teeth are missing and aren’t replaced with anything, bone density decreases. Patients who’ve worn dentures for several years may find that they hurt or don’t fit well because of this bone loss. Titanium dental implants will fuse with patients’ bones and maintain the bone’s density and strength.
  • Teeth-In-A-Day will eliminate the discomfort of dentures, thereby increasing long-term comfort and well-being.
  • These dental implants and bridges restore the functions of natural teeth, and patients will leave our office able to chew food normally.

Who is a Good Candidate for Teeth-In-A-Day?

Only a dentist can qualify patients for the Teeth-In-A-Day treatment plan. The best candidates have healthy expectations for their outcomes. They understand the benefits and risks of dental implants and bridges and they’re making an informed decision. These patients have wanted dental implants for a long time or are looking for a way to restore a young, full, and healthy-looking smile without getting or continuing to use dentures.

Patients with periodontal disease or who have loose, or damaged teeth might also be ideal candidates for Teeth-In-A-Day. You can start out with no teeth, some missing teeth, or nearly all of your teeth and benefit greatly from this quick and efficient treatment plan.

The Teeth-In-A-Day Process and What to Expect

Patients do get their temporary teeth in one day, but there’s more to the process than a day. Expect to have an initial consultation with one of our dentists who will examine the patient, and take x-rays, impressions, and 3D scans of their mouth. Before the big day, temporary teeth are created in our lab.

On the day of the implant procedure, the dentist will inform the patient of what to expect. Patients can choose to be sedated or have their mouth numbed. Teeth or roots that need removing are extracted during the preparatory stage. Dental implants are installed next, and then temporary arches are affixed to the implants. The healing process for the implants takes a few months because bone must fuse with the titanium. After healing is complete, your permanent teeth are installed.

Experienced Dentists with Cutting-Edge Processes

The highly trained team of professionals at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale is excited to develop new, lifelong solutions for patients’ dental problems. Our award-winning team has a hard-earned reputation for innovating new treatments and creative solutions that dentists across the nation adopt in their practices. Our team is ready to provide patients dazzling smiles that restore the full functionality and confidence of a full set of teeth.

Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale is one of the best providers of Teeth-In-A-Day in Westchester and the surrounding region. Our renowned team of veteran doctors makes it their goal to give patients a perfect smile. To start the Teeth-In-A-Day preparation process and get a customized treatment plan, contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment by calling (914) 725-7100.