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Teledentistry appointments are now available for your convenience!

Teledentistry appointments are now available for your convenience! We’re excited to launch the next phase of our dental offerings at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale: Teledentistry. While this is the perfect way to obtain professional dental evaluations during COVID-19, we anticipate telehealth virtual visits being a high-value component of our practice moving forward, long after the pandemic is over.

What is Teledentistry / a telehealth virtual visit?

A teledentistry appointment is a video consultation you participate in from the comfort of your home or office. You’ll be part of a two-way video conversation during which you will have an opportunity to review your dental concerns and ask your questions with one of our clinical team members. Then we can discuss the best course of action for your oral health.

When is a telehealth virtual visit a good option?

Teledentistry can be used for any of the following scenarios:

  • New patient consult. This can let us gather information about you, your oral health, and your concerns. We can often determine what treatment is needed through this 30 minute teledentistry consultation, and make a plan to care for your needs.
  • Existing patient consult. If you are already a patient but have a concern about your oral health, you can use the teledentistry option to find out what the next steps are for your care and plan accordingly.
  • Patient treatment questions. If you already have a treatment plan, but have a question or need clarification, a teledentistry appointment can allow you to get your answers fast without the need to come in for an appointment.

Which team members conduct telehealth virtual visits?

Teledentistry isn’t just for our dentists to use. Our entire clinical team can help you using telehealth virtual visits. If you contact us with a concern about bleeding gums, one of our hygienists may reach out to help. If you have sensitivity after a restoration is placed, you might meet virtually with one of our dental assistants.

How does a telehealth virtual visit work?

First, you can request an appointment by completing the form above. One of our appointment coordinators will contact you to find an appointment time that works for you, and assist you in navigating through the process. You’ll get a follow-up confirmation via email.

When it’s time for your consultation, make sure you’re sitting someplace quiet and free from interruptions. To join in the two-way video conference, you’ll simply need a smartphone, a laptop with a built-in camera, or a desktop computer with a webcam. A headset with a built-in microphone will cut down on background noise and make your audio clearer.

Are telehealth virtual visits restricted to regular office hours?

Not necessarily! In fact, that’s one of the bigger benefits of our teledentistry initiative. You have the flexibility to get advice, assistance, and emergency consultations outside of regular business hours in many cases, without having to leave your home. We’re making it easier than ever to access real time dental care.

How can I make an appointment for a telehealth virtual visit?

Simply complete the form, describing the reason for your request as thoroughly as possible. We’ll contact you back as soon as possible to schedule your teledentistry appointment.

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