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Crowns are the most common procedure for restoring teeth.

Dental Crowns in Westchester NY

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Sometimes needing a dental crown can seem like an overwhelming ordeal. You may be wondering how much it costs, how much time it takes, or whether it will change the feel of your teeth and the habits you have. Having all these unanswered questions can make it seem like a scary situation. But our dentists are here to answer all your questions about dental crowns. Dental crowns are one of the most common restorations at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale! We use dental crowns in a variety of circumstances and can restore your teeth to a natural, beautiful smile. Read on to learn more about our process and why you should consider us for dental crowns in Westchester.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fits over the old or damaged tooth (after it is stabilized). Crowns restore the natural feel of your teeth and make your smile look healthy again. We make most of our dental crowns out of porcelain, but we can also offer other materials. We make some with stainless steel (usually for children's baby teeth), other metals (like gold), or even porcelain fused with metal. When you come in for your consultation, your dentist will discuss your needs and help you decide which type of dental crown is right for you. These will depend on a variety of factors, including the strength needed for your new tooth.

What Are The Benefits of A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are very durable and strong, and can last for many years. They are usually made of porcelain, or porcelain bonded to gold which provide:

When Do I Need A Dental Crown?

You should always discuss the need for a dental crown with your dentist, but generally you would need a crown if:

Why Should I Choose Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale?

Dr. Brisman with Adam Cass

If you need dental crowns in Westchester, look no further than Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale! Our prosthodontist, Dr. Steven Brisman, has over 35 years of experience creating custom dental crowns for his patients. Our practice offers exceptional cosmetic dentistry, so you can feel confident that selecting us for your dental crowns is the right choice! If you need other procedures to strengthen your teeth and gums before you get a crown, you don't have to find a periodontist--we have one right here! Our practice has three specialists that will work together to make sure you love your smile.

Our in-house dental laboratory also cuts the wait time! We can send in your impressions and get an accurate, beautiful dental crown much faster than a office that has to outsource its fabrications. We care deeply about all our patients, and we want to make sure you are happy and feel comfortable with your dental crown. Call us today for a consultation!

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What Is The Procedure For Getting A Dental Crown?

Getting a dental crown usually requires at least two office visits; the first is when we will do fitting and place a temporary crown to protect the damage, and a second visit to place the finished, permanent crown.

During the first visit, your dentist will check the roots and bone of the damaged tooth to check for stability. If there is too much damage, you may need another procedure, like a dental implant, to replace the tooth. If the tooth is ready, we will numb the area surrounding the tooth and file it down to make room for the crown.

If there is not enough tooth (from decay or breakage), your dentist will add to the tooth for a stable foundation. We will then take a clay impression of your teeth so our in-house lab can create a crown that matches your smile. We will also make sure that the new crown won't affect your bit. Having an in house dental lab minimizes the wait time and ensures a perfect fit! You will receive a temporary crown (for protection) over the tooth until your permanent crown is available.

On the second visit, we will fit your porcelain crown. When your dentist creates the tooth, we will also make sure its color matches the rest of your teeth. We will then numb the area around the tooth for the fitting and we will check the shape and fitting to make sure it fits perfectly. If all looks well, we will cement the crown into place.

Do Crowns Need Special Care?

First, when you have your temporary crown, be sure to get advice from your dentist on how to care for it. Generally, avoid chewing ice and sticky candy. Use the other side of your mouth to chew when you have the temporary crown. Once you have your permanent crown in place, it will act just like your other teeth! It’s not immune from decay or bacteria, so keep up a good oral hygiene routine with brushing and flossing twice a day. Avoid sugary foods and drinks, just like you should with your natural teeth.

How Long Will My Dental Crown Last?

Your new crown will last many years, but its durability also depends on how well you treat it. As with your natural teeth, avoiding foods that cause cavities and very hard foods will help lengthen the life of your crown. Keep up your brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups and you’ll be pleased with how long it lasts.


If you have questions about dental crowns or want to get started, call us today for a consultation!

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What Problems Are Possible?

While problems with crowns are uncommon, we want you to receive the best care possible. Call us immediately if you experience any of the following:

Most patients don't experience any issues with their new dental crown, but please reach out if you experience something unexpected.

How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?

As you would expect, the price of a crown will depend on many different things. These can include whether you need other procedures before you can get a crown, the type of your crown, and your insurance. We are happy to discuss payment options before your appointment, so call us with any questions!

Our dentists will ensure the customized and installed dental crowns will offer optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal. The quality of our work stands out because most patients cannot tell the difference between their natural teeth and our restorations. For all your dental crown needs in Westchester, schedule an appointment and let us help you get back your beautiful smile!

To learn more about dental crowns, check out our videos below:

Cracked Tooth

Cracked Tooth

Filling vs Crown (Impression)

Filling vs Crown (Impression)

Recurrent Decay (Around a Restoration)

Recurrent Decay (Around a Restoration)

Single Crown (Impression)

Single Crown (Impression)


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