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Composite Dental Fillings In Westchester

Years ago, developing dental decay on a visible tooth may have meant receiving a filling that looked just as unsightly. Silver amalgam dental fillings can develop a blackened look or stain the surrounding tooth over time, creating an unattractive smile. Fortunately, the advent of adhesive dentistry paved the way for tooth colored fillings made from composite resins. To enable patients to receive dental work that blends in seamlessly, your Westchester dentist offers tooth-colored or composite resin fillings.

What Are Composite Fillings?

Composite-resin material is made up of a durable resin mixed with ground porcelain, quartz, or glass. Available in a wide range of shades, composite resins are designed to mimic the natural opacity of your teeth, creating repairs that are virtually invisible.

Composite-resin is made of porcelain, mixed with glass or quartz. The material comes in many different shades, and we will select a color that is virtually identical to your tooth. Traditionally only applied to visible teeth, adhesive dentistry is now stable and reliable enough to be used back teeth that are subjected to more biting force. Although slightly more expensive than amalgam fillings, most dental insurance companies cover composite resin fillings and count them as basic dental work.

Modern Advances In Composite Fillings

Resins have changed over the years, and new tooth colored fillings are stronger and more durable than ever before. Modern varieties are designed to match tooth color and sheen exactly, and created to bond to dental enamel tightly. New composites are even designed to flex slightly with the rest of the tooth, creating strong repairs that function just like natural teeth. Over the years, Scarsdale dentists have also become more adept at placing composite resin fillings and shaping the teeth to create beautiful restorations.

Composite Fillings vs. Amalgam Fillings

Many patients wonder whether they should opt for traditional silver amalgam fillings or opt for the tooth colored variety. However, composite resin fillings offer several big advantages over amalgam fillings. Here are just a few reasons you should consider choosing composite resin fillings.

A patient who had gotten composite dental fillings from her Westchester Dentist at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale.

Composite Fillings In Westchester

For seamless dental work, your Westchester dentist offers tooth-colored or composite resin fillings.

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Receiving a Composite Resin Filling

Receiving a composite resin filling starts much like any other cosmetic dentistry procedure in Westchester and Scarsdale. Before the dentist begins, they will carefully evaluate your smile to create a treatment plan. Next, the teeth are cleaned and polished to remove bacteria and to create a safe place to do dental work.

To keep you comfortable, your teeth and gums will be numbed with a strong local anesthetic. After you are numb, the dentist will use a small handheld drill to remove decay from the affected tooth. Next, the area will be cleaned, rinsed, and sanitized to pave the way for the restoration. To improve adhesion between the composite and your tooth, a gel called “etch” will be applied to the tooth. This solution microscopically roughens the area to help the bonding agent to adhere to enamel.

After the solution has done its job, it is rinsed off the tooth, and the dentist chooses the right shade of composite resin for the repair. The dentist slowly pipes the resin into place, forms it, and then cures it with a UV light. After the material has hardened, the tooth is cleaned and polished.

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Composite Filling (Anterior)

Composite Filling (Anterior)

Composite Filling (Posterior)

Composite Filling (Posterior)

Composite Versus Amalgam Filling

Composite Versus Amalgam Filling


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