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Tooth Extraction in Westchester

Tooth Extraction in Westchester NY

No one wants the feeling of a damaged or broken tooth in their mouth. The pain of a broken tooth can be too much to bear, which is why the best course of action is a tooth extraction that Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale in Westchester can offer you. If your tooth has become damaged or chipped to the base, our dentists will usually attempt to fix it with a dental crown or filling first. Sometimes, though, there is just too much damage for reparation, and the tooth needs to come out for the health of your mouth.

If there is one thing that we make a priority here at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale in Westchester is the preservation of your natural teeth. Our dental team will always do what we can to save your teeth as they are in the natural structure of your mouth. Tooth extraction is a last resort in most cases, as oral surgery is a big deal. We work hard to keep you as informed about your treatment as possible, and we aim to make you feel comfortable while you undergo your treatment with us.

At Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale in Westchester, our tooth extraction procedures are only performed with informed and happy patients who are secure in our ability to look after your teeth thoroughly. We commit to first class dentistry, and this is what we aim to provide with our professional tooth extraction we have to offer.

Why Do You Need Tooth Extraction?

The most common reason for extraction in teenagers is a lack of space for adult teeth to move through. Similarly, adults have wisdom teeth removed to reduce pain and provide more space in the jaw - this is common when wisdom teeth impact. However, the other reasons for tooth extraction surround tooth decay, tooth infection, and overcrowding of the teeth. Patients who have to undergo organ transplantation or chemotherapy also may need to undergo a removal, as any compromised teeth and unhealthy gums can compromise their health, too. Tooth extraction is performed at the dentist or by an oral surgeon, and the procedure can be done under a local anesthetic. Visible tooth extraction is straightforward in most cases, but any broken teeth or those that have impacted require a more involved operation.

What Are The Steps Before Extraction?

Removal of permanent teeth, as mentioned, is always a last resort. Several things can be tried before extraction is recommended. These are the steps toward removal:

Tooth Extraction: How It Works

If we have tried all of the above and nothing can be done to save your permanent tooth, we will perform a tooth extraction. We do this because the damage is too severe, and the tooth will not heal. We aim to ensure that you feel calm and confident if you have to have a tooth extraction, and it's for this reason that we like to sit with our patients and create a plan that will suit your needs.

The damage and decay in your teeth will determine what type of tooth extraction that you have, and it will also depend on whether the tooth that requires removal will be impacted or visible above the surface. Here is a breakdown of each procedure:

Simple Tooth Extraction

For a simple procedure that can be done with your dentist, you will receive a local anesthetic. You'll get a topical anesthetic on the gum before the local injection, and you'll feel pressure but no pain throughout the procedure. An elevator is used to loosen your tooth, and then there are forceps used to pull it out.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

For a surgical extraction, you'll need both a local and an intravenous anesthetic. The second anesthesia enables you to remain very relaxed and calm, and in some cases, you may need to have general anesthesia. This is where you would be unconscious with no awareness throughout the procedure. With oral surgery, a small cut is made into your gum and depending on the severity of the tooth decay. You may also need to have some bone removed before the tooth can come out.

Anxiety during extraction is natural, but if you have anxiety before the procedure, please do speak to us and let your concerns be known. They can help you to address your concerns and make you feel calm and collected about it.

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Tooth Extraction in Westchester

We commit to first class dentistry, and this is what we aim to provide with our professional tooth extraction we have to offer.

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After Extraction

Once you have a tooth out, you are left with a gap where it used to be. It's essential to know your options here, as dental prosthetics are an option for you. After a tooth extraction Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale can offer you any of the following:

Dental Implants

These are a great option that work and function just like your natural teeth.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge and a false tooth are placed in the gap, with the teeth either side supported.


Dentures are used in place where bridges and implants are not suitable, and these can be removable.

And any of these procedures can keep you looking confident and healthy with your beautiful smile.

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