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Temporary Dentures In Westchester NY

Get dentures from your Westchester prosthodontist.

You'll Have Temporary Dentures While Your Replacement Teeth Are Being Crafted At Our In-House Dental Lab

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We offer several different dental services to help you retain your natural teeth as long as possible. Whenever possible, we try to save teeth from having to be removed. However, there are sometimes cases when replacing your teeth with dentures is the best treatment option. A temporary denture will be fitted until your permanent denture is ready. Your mouth will need time to heal after extractions and will not be prepared for new permanent dentures for a few months. Most people do not want to live without teeth during the healing process, which is why they opt for temporary dentures.

Temporary Denture Fitting

You may have also heard temporary dentures referred to as immediate dentures. Once your natural teeth have been removed, this prosthetic device will be fitted right away. The dentist working with you will take a bite impression and an impression of the lower and upper arches of the mouth. We will also take measurements of the lower and upper jaw, as well as getting the shape, size, and shade of your teeth. This will all be done before your teeth are extracted. A temporary denture will then be created. After this, your teeth will be removed, and the temporary denture will be placed straight after. Temporary dentures will typically need to be refitted over the coming weeks and months because your gums and mouth will not have had the opportunity to heal yet.

Advantages of Temporary Dentures

Some benefits are associated with immediate dentures. The most crucial factor here is that you are going to be able to appear in public and not have to worry about doing so without teeth. It is also a lot easier for the arrangement of your natural teeth, as well as the color and shape, to be duplicated while some of your natural teeth are still in your mouth. When a temporary denture is inserted at the same time as your teeth being extracted, it will reduce bleeding and protects the tissues. This also means you are going to be able to establish a speech pattern quickly. Speaking with a denture in place will take time to get used to, but you'll be able to start practicing right away. Another benefit is that you are going to be able to chew and eat normally.

Looking After Your Dentures

Aside from taking your jaw measurements, your dentist will use the existing face shape, lips, and natural teeth to create temporary dentures. Once your dentures have been created, you need to clean and care for them. Food plaques and particles can build up on temporary dentures. This can cause them to leave stains, just as is the case with natural teeth, which is why you need to make sure you soak your dentures at night and that you brush them per day. To clean your dentures effectively, hold them over a basin or towel that is half-filled with water to avoid breakage should you drop it while you brush it. You then need to use water, a non-abrasive denture cleanser, and a soft-bristled toothbrush. You are not advised to use standard toothpaste, as this can scratch the denture. Stay away from any solutions that contain bleach and hot water, as they can cause damage to the denture. We will provide you with further information on this, including details on how to soak your denture overnight. Before you return your denture to your mouth, make sure it is rinsed thoroughly. You also need to make sure that you continue to clean your gums, tongue, and mouth in the morning before you place your denture.

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