Over the last ten years, studies show that things like diabetes or heart disease are likely linked to the condition of your dental health. 40% of people with gum disease also reported a severe chronic health condition. Take control of your dental health, while taking control of your whole body health, with a visit to the Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale; one of the best in Westchester County.

At Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale, you will receive treatment from one of the best dental teams when it comes to Westchester periodontists! We think it’s crucial that our patients understand the connection between dental and body health. Let us help you make your health a priority again, with quality dental care in Westchester, NY.

How Does Dental Health Affect My Body?

Simply put, the bacteria in your mouth has a direct relation to your overall health. When bacteria builds up on your gums because of poor dental care and lack of brushing, your gums can get infected. Once infected, your body fights the infection by sending inflaming your gums.

If the infection is present for a long period of time, the inflammation can eat away at your gum and tooth tissue. Although it happens in different rates, after your dental tissues are compromised by a severe infection, you will likely be diagnosed with periodontitis; a severe form of gum disease.

But gum disease and inflammation don’t just affect your oral health. If left untreated, it can affect the state of your overall health in the following ways:


Doctors and dentists have researched the connection between dental health and diabetes for years. Inflammation in the mouth makes it difficult for the endocrine system to adequately regulate blood sugar.

High blood sugar provides bacteria with the perfect environment for growing and thriving, leading to oral infections of any kind. Patients with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes should be seen by a dental professional more frequently. Be sure to mention diabetes when meeting with one of our educated periodontists, so our team can best tailor a treatment plan to you. Fortunately, in the case of most patients, well-controlled diabetes comes with better mouth health.

Heart Disease

Did you know that 91% of patients with heart disease also have some form of gum disease? It’s true, and both conditions have factors like an unhealthy diet and tobacco usage in common with one another.

Similar to the way inflammation affects diabetes and dental health, inflammation started in the mouth can travel rapidly to the blood vessels. When blood vessels are inflamed, it can become difficult for blood to travel to the heart, resulting in plaque build up. This raises blood pressure and could even result in a deadly heart attack or stroke.


Though it has yet to be proven, scientists believe that gum disease can contribute to birth defects or even fetal development issues. Other issues like low birth weight, lung, and heart conditions are also said to be associated with gum disease or periodontitis.

At the start of every pregnancy, the Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale recommends that every expectant mother come in for a general exam. If you’re at risk, we are happy to develop a treatment plan that works for you, your lifestyle, and a new baby! It’s best to catch dental problems early, before they affect your health.


The same bacteria that causes gum disease may be responsible for certain types of cancer. In fact, scientists have discovered that some cancerous tumors and the bacteria that causes gum disease actually share an enzyme. Potentially lower the risk of cancer with regular dental cleanings and checkups from our talented clinicians at the Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale.

How Can We Help?

At the Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale, we recognize that it can be hard to make your dental health a priority. With multiple in-house specialists, we totally eliminate the need to visit another dentist for a recommended procedure. The Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale is your one stop shop! We have an educated team with clinicians specializing in prosthodonticsperiodonticsorthodontics, and general dentistry.

Every member of our team is highly trained and educated in the most advanced dental practices and procedures. Because all of our specialists are located in-house, you can ensure that you are receiving coordinated dental care that is right for you. Communication throughout our staff is one of our highest priorities, and we recognize how important this is for quality dental care. Members of our front office and dental hygiene team will make sure your appointment with us is as comfortable as possible.

How Can I Maintain Good Oral Health?

Your mouth health is crucial when it comes to overall body health, and your Westchester periodontist is here and happy to help. Here are a few things you can do to keep your oral health in the best of shape:

  1. Limit alcohol usage; moderate may be okay. If you’re unsure, talk to your dentist and primary care doctor.
  2. Stop using tobacco. There is a direct link between smoking, periodontitis, and oral cancers.
  3. Keep regular dental appointments. Nothing is more important than keeping up with your regular dental cleanings and exams! A regular checkup can catch major problems early, before they affect your overall health. We recommend that you visit a Westchester dentist at least twice yearly, or otherwise recommended by a member of our team.

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