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Dental Implants Provide The Ultimate Foundation For Building A Winning Smile

Multiple Teeth Dental Implants In Westchester NY

A winning smile is something we all desire, but losing some of your teeth can severely hinder your hopes of achieving it. When you lose a tooth you have to remember that it’s not only the visible parts of the teeth that need to be replaced. In truth, the roots are equally vital as they’ll impact your bone structure as well as the supported teeth. Considering dental implants provide a solid replacement of missing teeth it is no wonder that they are crucial to building back your winning smile forever.

What Do I Do If I Have Multiple Missing Teeth?

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Losing a single tooth to injury, gum disease, trauma, or an extraction is tough. However, losing multiple teeth can be significantly tougher to take. Not only does it cause a bigger and more visible gap, but it can cause even bigger problems for the jawbone and gums. Dental implants from your Westchester dentists are designed to overcome those complications.

Restorative dentistry becomes a little more difficult too, especially as the options for dental bridges become somewhat limited by the loss of several teeth. Through the use of biocompatible materials (titanium posts), it is possible to replace the lost roots to rebuild the structure of the jawline and provide support for prosthetic teeth to be placed.

This is the most natural solution in terms of look and function. Even when multiple teeth have been lost, this type of dental procedure will give you a reason to start smiling once more.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

Before completing any dental treatment, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of the procedure while also considering other possible options. Given the severity of growing damage that can occur if lost teeth are left untreated, finding the right solution is vital for your health!

If you are missing multiple teeth, for whatever reason, dental implants are almost certain to be the best option. Here are some key factors to consider:


When you are missing multiple teeth, a dental bridge is unlikely to offer a long-term solution. Meanwhile, dentures are likely to slip, especially as they do not solve the problems relating to the continued deterioration of your jawbone. Replacing the lost roots with dental implants are the only proven way to restore your smile and improve your overall health.

Furthermore, dental implants are a long-term solution that ensures a much better value for your money than procedures that are only a temporary fix.


In truth, personal image is the most common reason for selecting dental implants in Westchester. However, the health and functional benefits are the reasons that truly transform your life for the better. Multiple teeth implants are the only way to restore your mouth while ensuring that you can speak, eat, and smile in a completely normal fashion.

Better still, maintaining your dental implants is as easy as cleaning them like normal teeth.


The look of any dental appliance is of major significance. The thought of metallic dental implants might not look overly attractive, but in reality these titanium posts are inserted under the gum line and into your jawbone. Therefore, they will not be seen, and they act as the root for your replacement teeth. As long as the new dental crowns that are placed on top of these implants are maintained your smile will look better than ever!

Other benefits include the long term affordability, compared to temporary solutions, and financing options that can be used to help alleviate the burden of the cost of dental implants all up front. Once your dental implants are in, you can be set for life!

Multiple Dental Implant Procedure

The procedure for replacing lost teeth has the potential to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, and can be used to treat patients of varying ages and backgrounds. However, before completing a treatment, your Westchester dentist will need to check your suitability as a candidate.

An initial consultation that includes an examination will be done to check the health of your gums (especially if you’ve had gum diseases), the health of your jawbone, and the willingness to practice good oral hygiene following the addition of dental implants and new dental crowns. These along with other factors discussed with you by Dr. Brisman at your consultation will determine if dental implants will be a suitable solution for your unique cast.

This consultation will be used to decide which teeth can or can’t be saved. Depending on the health of your mouth further extractions may be required.

Placement of dental implants will involve several stages, including:

Following this, the body will need time to heal. Crucially, this gives the jawbone time to integrate the new posts for a more natural look and feel. This provides the perfect platform to build upon. Within a few months, an additional appointment will be when your custom dental crowns will be placed over your healed dental implants.

In some cases, it may be possible to complete the entire dental implant procedure in one visit which adds convenience and faster results. But in the majority of circumstances, the traditional route will lead to greater long-term results, making it the best option by far.

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Multiple dental implants are an effective solution to the problems caused by lost teeth. When handled by a Westchester dentist that knows how to handle the complexities of those challenges, the restoration of your mouth’s look, feel, and function can transform your entire world for the better!

The sooner you act, the less damage will be caused to the jawbone, which can only make the process easier. The first step to restoring your smile is to schedule a consultation.

To discuss multiple teeth dental implants with one of our dentists today, schedule an appointment today!


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