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Emergency Dental Care In Westchester NY

A dental emergency will cause people to panic. It can be worrying when you have dental issues that you may not fully understand and that could be causing alarming levels of pain or discomfort.

However, it’s important to stay calm and make sure that you take action immediately. With a rapid response, you can get the situation under control and ensure that you don’t lose a tooth or teeth.

If you do find yourself with an emergency dental issue, we can provide the assistance you need. We can make sure that you benefit from our professional support.

When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

You may be unsure whether you are facing a medical emergency. Many people will wait several days or even a couple of weeks in the hope that the pain or discomfort will pass. If you have any doubt, it’s important to contact a professional for assistance immediately. Here are some of the symptoms that suggest you do need to see an emergency dentist immediately.

A Dental Abscess

Usually, a dental abscess will form around an infection. They could be close to the gum or cavity that has been affected and are quite common after an injury or a certain level of trauma. This is a key function of your immune system, so you will often experience various other signs as well. For instance, you might note a nasty taste in your mouth. Or, you could find that you have swollen lymph nodes in your throat.

Do be aware that infections will worsen over time and can lead to certain complications. For instance, you might experience a toxic shock. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the infection is treated immediately.

A patient who had gotten composite dental fillings from her Westchester Dentist at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale.

Emergency Dental Care In Westchester

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Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are not always a sign of an emergency. You might find that you notice bleeding gums after brushing. This commonly points to an issue with your oral hygiene and it can get worse if left untreated. You should be wary if your gums start bleeding for no reason or where your gums are bleeding and painful. Bleeding like this can be a sign of gum disease and it could lead to the damage of your teeth as well as your jawbone. If you think that you might have a serious infection like this, it’s important to get help as quickly as possible.

Metal In Your Mouth

Tasting metal in your mouth can have a variety of causes. For instance, it could be neurological. However, it may also point to the fact that an infection that you are fighting off in your mouth has reached the root of your teeth. This can start to attack the nerve and that will lead to further damage. It’s particularly important to seek medical attention if a tooth that was hurting goes numb. You could require an emergency root canal.

Swollen Jaw

If you have a swollen jaw and you feel pain in your gums, you could have a sign of periodontal infection. When this happens, high levels of bacteria begin to develop in loose pockets around the gums. This quickly moves to other areas of the mouth which will typically trigger an immune response. It can even begin to impact the blood supply. Often, this will cause swelling which is noticeable and should be classified as a dental emergency.

The reason for this is the infection has become so severe that it will require antibiotics that you won’t be able to obtain without a prescription. Swollen jaws are often very painful and may prevent you from sleeping or eating. You should seek out treatment as quickly as possible.

Loose Teeth

You might find that you have a loose tooth or teeth in your mouth. While this is normal at an early age, if you are an adult, it should be treated as unusual. Though typically, this will be due to trauma or potentially an injury, it’s still important to get attention for this immediately. That can ensure that infection does not develop around the area. Be aware that a local infection could cause teeth to break away from the gum, leading to a far greater chance of tooth loss.

What To Expect From Emergency Dental Care In Westchester

The type of treatment that you receive during an emergency dental visit is largely going to depend on the issue you are experiencing. For instance, it’s possible that you are suffering from a problem with loose teeth. This could be due to trauma or infection. If that’s the case, you may require tooth reattachment.

Alternatively, you could also require antibiotics and other medical care to help treat an issue like this.

A severe toothache could be a sign that you will need a root canal. A root canal will be necessary when an infection has spread to the root of the teeth. An infection like this can destroy the teeth on the inside and the outside. It can lead to irreversible damage if left untreated.

The type of treatment needed will also determine whether you need to be sedated or not. However, in most cases, this will be necessary.

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If you are experiencing issues with your oral health that you believe could be considered an emergency, it is important that you contact us as soon as you can. We aim to respond to dental emergencies without delay and ensure that you get the treatment that you require.

It is crucial to do this to ensure that issues like infections don’t become worse. If this does occur, it will make teeth more difficult to restore. That’s why you should never delay an appointment or avoid one if you are unsure whether you need emergency dental treatment.

Get in touch with us immediately and we will be glad to assist you further. We are passionate about providing the level of care that you deserve.


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