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We aim to save you time, pain, and money through early detection.

Early Detection in Westchester NY

An important part of our philosophy at the Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale is to provide our patients with quality dental care for a beautiful, long-lasting smile. Our facility is one of the few in Westchester that has multiple clinicians specializing in various fields. With periodontics, prosthodontics, and orthodontic specialists available in one convenient location, we can help you with anything you need in regard to your dental health.

Our trained professionals are also experts in early detection and preventive dental care. If dental decay and disease are spotted quickly, treatment options broader, less expensive, and less invasive. Preventive care like this is a reason our patients call us one of the best dentists in Westchester! If you feel like you could benefit from a early detection consultation, don’t hesitate--call our offices today for a quick consultation appointment.

How Does Early Detection Work?

he early detection treatment plan begins with a simple dental checkup! Every time you visit our offices for a cleaning or regular checkup (or an early detection appointment) we will conduct a thorough exam that detects any potential problems before they become full-blown issues. Patients will receive full mouth x-rays and a thorough visual inspection to determine if cavities, plaque, or tartar are an issue of concern for your teeth. Because we come equipped with a talented and diverse dental staff, we can detect even the smallest of issues.

Our early detection program can prevent dental issues-big and small. It works wonderfully at preventing cavities, but our treatment program even works hard to detect gum disease.

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The Benefits of Detecting Gum Disease Early

early detection, from our Westchester dentists, can help you prevent more serious problems.

Early detection can save you time, pain, and money. 

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Gum disease affect as many as 47.2% of Americans. Fortunately, it is easily preventable. Gum disease occurs when gum tissue becomes inflamed or infected. The disease is often thought to develop when healthy brushing and flossing methods aren’t practiced in daily life, but can happen to anyone who doesn’t frequent the dentist. Those will severe gum disease can ask us about the LANAP procedure or, in advanced cases, a full mouth reconstruction. Gum disease is easy to prevent, so contact our dental offices for a preventive treatment procedure today!

If gum disease goes untreated, it can result in cancers of the mouth, and other areas of the body. Your dental health is reflected throughout the rest of your body, and gum disease can result in heart disease, diabetes, and even a stroke. It’s been proven that regular dental care can detect early signs of mouth cancer (usually a small white sore that won’t go away) providing patients with effective and diverse treatment options. Prevent cancer and other health issues by treating gum disease before it is an issue. Our early detection care program is perfect for preventing these very same diseases, as well as many others that make their first appearance in the mouth.

Dr. Kevin M. Loshak is our periodontist, and he is committed to treating gum disease before it results in tooth-loss or cancer. He graduated from Maryland Dental School and then practiced post-graduate at Booth Memorial Medical Center and Columbia University of Dental and Oral Surgeries. He works hard to “pave the way” for restorative dental care! His certifications and experience in the periodontal field make Dr. Loshak one of the best Westchester periodontists.

How does early detection help me?

Instead of spending thousands on gum disease treatment, why not prevent it before it starts? With regular early detection care from a periodontist, you can prevent gum disease before it even starts. It is recommended that patients are seen every couple of months to determine the state of their overall health. But with these few visits every year, you can prevent dental issues AND lessen the pain of your dental procedures! When dental procedures are performed earlier on, they are often less invasive, which in turn makes them less painful for the patient.

The health of your body is reflected within the health of your mouth! Make sure that things are in tip-top shape with out qualified team of some of the best dentists in Westchester! With our convenient Scarsdale office and multi-specialty clinicians, we make it easy to take charge of your dental health. Don’t fret about any unusual bumps or sores in your mouth, we can take care of them before they are a major issue! Call our offices in Scarsdale to schedule your consultation appointment today! We’d love to be your provider of some of the very best dental care in New York!


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