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Dr. Frank Celenza a Westchester Orthodontist & Periodontist

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Dr. Frank Celenza, An Orthodontist & Periodontist in Westchester NY

For Dr. Frank Celenza, the career choice was always clear. He came from a long line of family dentists, and grew up surrounded by the industry. Celenza attended college at SUNY Buffalo to achieve his BA in Biology and obtained his DDS from McGill University in Montreal. He followed up with postgraduate work at both the University of Pennsylvania for a certificate in Periodontology and at NYU for a certificate in Orthodontics. “I chose my specialty while I was training,” he says. “It suited my interests and abilities the best, and allowed me to become involved in an area where I can be innovative.”

A longtime member of the Scarsdale practice, Dr. Celenza knew Dr. Brisman since their post-grad days together. He found the two dentists had much in common when it came to approach and philosophy to treatment and patient management. “We complement each other” he says. “People need dentists who are involved in many aspects of their profession, aligned with their needs, and highly experienced. Our practice exceeds those expectations.”

Dr. Celenza specializes in adult orthodontics in Westchester. These include orthodontic implant interaction cases, periodontal and implant surgeries, Invisalign, and interdisciplinary cases. “I would describe our practice as comprehensive, attentive, and skilled,” he says. “Dentistry is much harder and more involved these days, but at the same time we can do so much more for our patients.”

When he’s not at the practice, Dr. Celenza is spending time with his wife and four children at their home in Haworth, NJ. The family enjoys relaxing, attending sporting events, cycling, cooking and socializing together. He also enjoys car racing, and cites Mario Andretti as his personal hero. “He is an incredible athlete who survived a very lethal period in his life, and not only survived, but went on to achieve even more success and became an ambassador for his sport,” he comments. “That’s perseverance!”

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