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Cost of Dental Implants in Westchester NY

The last thing you might want to think about is having dental work done. Tooth pain is one of the most intense forms of pain we can experience. If you're missing teeth, then you know that you need to address the problem. There are many options available, one of which is dental implants. As the cost for this procedure continues to become more affordable, the advantages compared with other procedures are more apparent.

When deciding whether to pursue dental implants, it is important to consider your other options and the costs that will accompany the procedure. You're not just paying for the implants. You'll need to also pay for preoperative care, the extraction of your roots, multiple office visits before and after the procedure, and postoperative care to ensure you're healing properly.

What are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

Get your smile back with dental implants in Westchester!

Westchester dental implants are the permanent, easy to care for solution for missing teeth. Contact your Westchester implant dentist today.

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In the past, dentists were only able to help patients with missing teeth by extracting the roots to eliminate the pain and then putting in a bridge or prescribing dentures. The biggest drawback to these options is that you're going to have to continue replacing your bridge or dentures. The average life of dentures is only five to ten years. Bridges have a similar lifespan.

While the upfront cost of a bridge or set of dentures might be significantly lower, the recurring costs will exceed those of receiving dental implants. There are additional health benefits to implants as well. If you opt for dentures or a bridge, your jawbone can degrade over time. This impacts a lot of things, such as your facial appearance and how the rest of your teeth hold their place in your gums.

The advantages of implants include the following.

The Costs of Dental Implants

It is very difficult for us to tell you what your dental implants will cost outright because we don't quite know what you need yet. What we can tell you is that your cost will vary based on the type of implants you select, the number of teeth that need to be replaced and the procedural costs that will result from getting your new implants.

If you are getting a single tooth replaced, that will obviously cost much less than if you're seeking to replace several teeth. However, if you've got issues with multiple teeth, you'd save money on operative costs by having one procedure to replace them all rather than getting them done individually over time. We understand that you're concerned about the financial impact and viability of receiving implants, but there are numerous ways you can save money on this procedure.

What you'll need to consider as well when evaluating the total cost of your implants is the following.

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Dr. Brisman and the Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale team are one of the leading dental teams serving the Westchester area. We take pride in providing top-notch care for our patients and it truly makes a difference. If you're suffering from dental pain or are missing teeth, Dr. Brisman will be happy to review your options with you so that you can find an affordable and effective way to improve your smile and improve your dental health.

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