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Cosmetic dental bonding is the painless, long-lasting solution to cracked teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding in Westchester NY

Are you unhappy with the way that your teeth look? If you wish that your teeth were shaped differently or situated closer together, our dentists might be able to help with a product called cosmetic dental bonding. Cosmetic dental bonding is composed of tooth-colored composite resins, which can be molded and shaped onto the teeth to correct issues such as cavities, chips, and exposed roots. It can also be sued to repair cosmetic problems, such as misshapen teeth or spaces. Here are some other great benefits of cosmetic bonding:

Dr. Brisman, a Westchester Dentist, discussing dental cosmetic bonding with a client

Cosmetic dental bonding is our quick and easy solution to cracked or chipped teeth.

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Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Natural Appearance

Before your dentist applies cosmetic bonding to your teeth, he or she will dye the bonding material to match perfectly. This means that your bonded teeth will blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile.

Custom Fit

Cosmetic dental bonding also gives dentists the opportunity to create a repair that fits perfectly, since it is molded and cured at the office on the patient. Instead of waiting for a component to come back in from the lab and then fitting it during several visits, bonding can be applied during a single dental session. Most dental bonding procedures take between 30-60 minutes, from start to finish.

Long Lifespan

Another incredible benefit of cosmetic dental bonding is that it has an impressive lifespan. If cared for properly, dental bonding can last as long as ten years or more—without needing to be touched up at all.

No Special Care

Since dental bonding is designed specifically for your teeth and has a smooth, natural-looking surface, it doesn’t require any special care outside of your normal healthy dental hygiene regimen. As long as you brush twice daily, floss, eat a healthy diet, and see your dentist regularly, your bonding should stay in place and look great.


Because dental bonding doesn’t require invasive procedures such as dental debriding, the entire process is quick and painless. In fact, most patients who are undergoing a simple dental bonding procedure don’t even require topical anesthetic or shots to numb the area. The only unpleasant aspect of having bonding applied might be the taste of the residue of the bonding agent. However, both of these issues can be addressed by swishing with mouthwash after the procedure.

What to Expect the Day of Your Bonding

There is no need to be nervous about your upcoming dental bonding procedure. After your teeth have been cleaned and checked for underlying damage such as cracks, cavities, or infections, the dentist will use special dyes to alter the color of the bonding agent to match your teeth.

Next, a bonding agent will be painted onto the area that will be bonded. The purpose of this chemical is to create microscopic divots in the surface of your tooth, which help the bonding to adhere tightly. After the bonding agent has done its job, it will be rinsed off with water and your tooth will be dried. Next, the dentist will carefully sculpt the resin around your tooth. To harden and cure the resin, the dentist will use an ultra-violet light. After the material is hard, the repair will be complete, and the tooth will be cleaned and polished.

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