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Complete Smile Makeover In Westchester

Complete Smile Makeover In Westchester

One of the very first things that people notice when we greet them is our smile. We wear our smiles all over our faces, from our mouths to our eyes. The broader we smile, the more our eyes shine, and we look inexplicably happy. This is the impression that you want to give people when they greet you; that you are happy. The other thing that our smiles tell the world is whether we are healthy or not. Your teeth say a lot about your health, even when you don't know it. When you have a great smile that looks good, you warm others around you; smiles are infectious, so please, pass them on!

Great smiles require healthy teeth and gums, and while the effect of a friendly smile is a good thing, there is so much more to our smiles. Our teeth help us to chew properly, to speak clearly, and they contribute to the shape of our face. The smile that you wear is an asset to you and your health, so it's essential to take it seriously. The healthier your smile, the more confident and outgoing you can feel. There is never a lack of self-esteem when smiling at others because you know that you have done everything that you can to ensure that your oral health is well-maintained. You can have the best possible oral hygiene at home, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you have the healthiest smile possible. To achieve this, you need a complete smile makeover.

We pride ourselves in making sure that we offer a complete smile makeover that will cement your confidence and ensure that you no longer feel you have to cover your mouth when you smile. Laugh freely. Laugh openly. And do it with the a complete smile makeover. Let's dive into what our smile makeover involves.

Dr. Brisman, a Westchester Dentist, discussing dental cosmetic bonding with a client

Our Westchester dentists will take into consideration everything that creates the smile that you've always dreamed about having.

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All About The Complete Smile Makeover

In essence, a smile makeover is all about improving the health and appearance of your smile and everything that is included in that. This is done through cosmetic dentistry procedures, and there is usually more than one involved. Some of those cosmetic procedures include:

We do so much more than tell you what procedures you need. Our Westchester dentists will take into consideration everything that creates the smile that you've always dreamed about having. This includes:

Ask yourself what you like and dislike about your smile, and a complete smile makeover can change the things that you aren't sure about. We will sit with you and review your smile, your wishes, and whether they will work for your face, and we'll ensure that you are thrilled about your makeover before we get started. Some of the areas of your smile that we will talk you through include the following:

Tooth Alignment

Straight teeth will offer up a smile that is lovely to see - purely because you are more confident with straighter teeth. Crooked teeth that overlap can often cause pain later on, especially if they overlap and have gaps between them. The alignment of your teeth is essential for your bite, and orthodontics can really help here - as can tooth veneers.

Missing Teeth

There are plenty of instances in life where you will need help with missing teeth. One or more missing teeth can and will negatively affect the rest of the teeth in your mouth while also changing your smile. Missing teeth affect your bite, increase the risk of decay in your teeth, and can be a contributor to your gums losing their health, too. Dental implants, bridges, or partial dentures can all help here.


Your teeth can become discolored for several reasons, from the food you eat to decay over time. Silver or amalgam dental fillings don't have to be the only answer, as natural composite restorations can be the answer. This composite is the same color as your tooth, so it doesn't stand out in your mouth. Dark and discolored teeth don't give you that smile confidence that you deserve, so it's essential to choose carefully.

Balanced Smiles

Did you know that an uneven or chipped tooth can change your appearance? Don't worry; our experts can re-contour your smile to improve your overall look. Developing a plan to make your dental appointment work for you is essential to us, and we will provide you with a plan to fix your teeth, so your smile remains balanced.

Your Complete Smile Makeover Aesthetics

There is so much more to your complete smile makeover than the procedures we have talked about above. There is a zone in your mouth that is all about aesthetics. The top and bottom teeth that you show the world your smile are the essential areas you want to feel the most confident about. We can help you with the color, balance, and alignment of your teeth, but we can also help you with the following:


Your teeth need to be in the correct position to maintain a broad, confident an healthy smile. When teeth aren't in proportion, your smile can end up looking crooked, and we know you'd prefer your teeth to look balanced.


Your crowns and veneers that you have for your new smile can be characterized to match the look and feel of your natural teeth.


Long teeth aren't always a bad thing if the gums are healthy, and they can work to give you a youthful appearance. You can go for teeth lengthening treatment that can give your whole face a makeover.

Your Smile Line

The edges of your upper teeth from one side to another is your smile line. This should follow the line of your lower lip as you smile. Our complete smile makeover in Westchester can ensure that you have the perfect smile line.

Your Complete Smile Makeover Maintenance

One of the best things that you can do after you've had your smile makeover is to maintain your new look. There are several ways that you can do this:

Change Your Oral Hygiene Habits

Using the right toothpaste and toothbrushes is so essential, so make sure that you choose a toothpaste that is non-abrasive to look after your new teeth. Brush two to three times a day. While you are working on your oral hygiene, it's time to start

Change Your Snack Habits

Sugar is a food that can do some severe damage to your teeth. Limit how many snacks and sweets you have, and try to stay away from sugary beverages. These can ruin your dental work over time as well as your gums.

Bad Habits

Habits like chewing hard objects - including pen lids, bottle caps, etc., grinding your teeth in the night, these are habits that can be overcome with some help. Ask our experts about a night guard for the grinding teeth.

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With our help, you can get a complete smile makeover in Westchester in no time at all. Contact us and scheduling an appointment today!.


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