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Get Your Back to School Checkup!

The best way to start the new school year, whether you are a student or a full-time worker, is by making sure you are in tip-top shape. One of the easiest ways to check up on your dental health is by visiting a qualified dentist in Westchester.See your Westchester dentist today for a back to school checkup.

Here are three reasons you should come in for your checkup before the school rush takes over your life:

  • You Want to Make Sure Your Teeth and Gums are Healthy

    Unhealthy teeth and gums are an easy reason to become unhappy – they look unattractive and can be painful and distracting. Problems like these can be fixed – or totally avoided – by getting a regular checkup. You can get back into school and work with renewed confidence.

    Additionally, the beginning of the school year can become your perfect reminder every year that it’s time for a checkup! You should be seeing your Westchester dentist two to three times per year. It’s easy to forget these important checkups unless you associate them with other important events, like your birthday, holidays, or the beginning of the school year.

  • Get Cosmetic Dental Work Done for the School Year

    School is a good reminder to invest in a straighter, more attractive smile with Invisalign, teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry options. It can be hard to find a good Westchester cosmetic dentist, but at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale, we are sure to invite self-confidence to get the year rolling.

  • Custom Mouthguards for Sports

    If you play sports, this is a crucial time to consider getting a custom mouthguard. This is an important precaution for all athletes – regardless of age or ability. Get a mouthguard to protect your teeth, roots and the bone in your mouth from damage. This could prevent serious injuries too, like jaw fracture, cerebral hemorrhage, concussion and neck injuries. A small investment like a custom mouthguard sheds a lot of light on the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

    When looking for a mouthguard, please consider getting a custom mouthguard from your Westchester dentist. They can provide extra protection, are more comfortable and less distracting (which improves performance), and last a lot longer.

Whatever reason you may have to visit your dentist, doing at the beginning of the school year is definitely a smart way to go. Give us a call or stop by our office and schedule your appointment today!

5 Natural Ways to Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath happens to the best of us, but chronic bad breath is a real problem. It can be made worse by the types of foods you eat and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. But don’t worry, it’s fairly common and your Westchester cosmetic dentist has some tips that can combat bad breath and help you feel confident again. It’s as simple as following these 5 steps!

prevent bad breath with your Westchester cosmetic dentist

How to Combat Bad Breath

  1. Brush and floss at least twice a day.

    That goes double if you’re eating food with a lot of onions or garlic! Practicing good oral hygiene will make a big difference. Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste to remove food debris and plaque. Brush teeth after you eat (keep a toothbrush at work or school to brush after lunch if possible). Replace your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months or after an illness. Use floss or an interdental cleaner to remove food particles and plaque between teeth once, preferably twice, a day. Dentures should be removed at night and cleaned thoroughly before being placed in your mouth the next morning.

  2. Drink lots of water.

    Be sure to drink a sufficient amount of water (six to eight 8-ounce glasses) daily to avoid dry mouth. Drinking water will help keep odor under control because it helps wash away food particles and bacteria, which is the primary cause of bad breath. Also swish cool water around in your mouth. This is especially helpful to freshen “morning breath.”

  3. Use an alcohol-free mouthwash.

    Try a 30-second mouthwash rinse that is alcohol-free. Many off-the-shelf products contain alcohol, so if you prefer to go this route it is best to make it alcohol-free to prevent bad breath. You can also try another remedy: Mix a cup of water with a teaspoon of baking soda (which changes the pH level and fights odor in the mouth) and a few drops of antimicrobial peppermint essential oil. Don’t swallow it!

  4. Scrape your tongue

    When doing this use a tongue scraper or spoon to decrease the bacteria, fungi, and dead cells that can cause odor. Hold the tip of the tongue with gauze to pull it forward in order to clean the back of the tongue. You do not need to push too hard, be gentle. You can find a tongue scraper at any local drug store.

  5. Get regular dental checkups and cleanings.

    The best way to make sure that you are maintaining good oral hygiene is to visit your dentist regularly. If you have chronic bad breath, you should visit your dentist first,to rule out any dental problems. Regular checkups will improve your overall dental health and you can be confident that your bad breath will improve. Advance Dentistry of Scarsdale can help you to get on the life-long path for good oral hygiene. To arrange a dental checkup or cleaning call one of the best dentists in Westchester today!

The Dangers of Bleachorexia

Bleachorexia is an unhealthy obsession with whitening one’s teeth. Unfortunately this term is not unheard of today. Whitening your teeth too often can be really bad for your dental health, especially if you aren’t seeing a cosmetic dentist in Westchester. Teeth whitening has become a big business. Americans spend billions on teeth whitening products annually, and in dentists’ offices, bleaching is the most requested procedure among patients aged 40 to 60, according to a survey conducted by the ADA. Teeth whitening toothpastes are now more popular than any other kind.

What does Excessive Teeth Whitening Do To My Teeth?

Excessive teeth whitening can have lasting consequences on your health. In a 2002 University of Southern California School of Dentistry survey of 100 people, 50% experienced mild to moderate sensitivity after using an over-the-counter-strength whitening gel. Dentists all around the world are working hard to identify who makes a good candidate for teeth whitening and who should skip the procedure. The answers are becoming more clear but researchers are also uncovering what may be the true hazard of whitening- overuse of chemicals inside the whitening products.

Can I get Teeth Whitening From a Professional?

Many adults worry that even professional teeth whitening will damage their enamel, we want to assure our patients that there’s nothing to fear. Edmond R. Hewlett, DDS, consumer advisor for the ADA and an associate professor at the UCLA School of Dentistry said “There’s overwhelming evidence that, when used as directed, bleaching does not causes permanent damage to the teeth or gums.”

How Often Can I Get Teeth Whitening?

Studies are showing that it’s safe to undergo a course of bleaching once or twice a year. The bleaching can be 2 weeks with a drugstore method or a dentist-prescribed night guard, or a single in-office power bleaching session. But your Westchester cosmetic dentist cautions against bleaching more than that. In addition to tooth sensitivity, dentists are reporting side effects including gum irritation, bluish enamel, and uneven whiteness. These side effects, however, usually clear up within a couple of weeks, provided you stop using the chemicals. But many people don’t stop when they should. This is unfortunate because it just causes them to have more pain and uncomfortable side effects.

Avoid Bleachorexia–Get Professional Teeth Whitening Today!

Bleaching can be harmless if done by a professional cosmetic dentist. Our Westchester dentist always has the needs of his patients in mind and will be able to help you decide if teeth whitening is a good option for you. If you are looking for services to help with your teeth whitening in Westchester, schedule an appointment with us today! We are experienced and serious about helping our patients. Give our office a call today.

5 Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth

There are lots of teeth staining foods that most of us are aware of and we try to stay away from them as much as possible. Things like coffee, red wine, and beer are some of the best-known causes. But did you know that there are foods that can help whiten your teeth? And, you can eat them too!

Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

5 foods that can whiten your teeth.

We have lots of patients looking for teeth whitening in Westchester. While we provide excellent cosmetic dentistry, we also want you to know about natural ways to whiten your teeth between appointments. Raw vegetables and fresh fruits contain key ingredients that prevent decay and combat hard-to-remove plaque. Don’t believe us? Try them for yourself.

  • Broccoli

    This crunchy veggie, when eaten raw, can act as a mini toothbrush. When you eat broccoli, the stems scrape away plaque and foods accumulated during the day. And, the iron found in broccoli can also strengthen tooth enamel.

  • Oranges

    Did you know that you can use an orange peel? Unlike most other citrus fruits, orange peels are not acidic. Within the peel of the orange fruit is a unique variant of vitamin C that can be used as a gentle alternative to synthetic whiteners! Using it is quite simple. Wash the orange peel in clean water. Take the white interior and rub it along your teeth to naturally whiten your teeth.

  • Strawberries

    Combine strawberry paste with baking soda. It allows the malic acid in the strawberry to whiten your teeth. Don’t forget to brush afterward though, berries have lots of sugar that can decay teeth!

  • Carrots

    Crunchy carrots provide an abrasive surface that can scrape away plaque along the gum line. Try biting one in half and rubbing it across your teeth for an even cleaner finish!

  • Cheese

    Lactic acids in cheeses will help guard teeth against future decay. Chose cheese that’s hard to slice, like aged gouda. The hardened surfaces can also nix stains that are caused by the build-up of food particles.

Get Teeth Whitening Today!

We hope you have fun using and sharing our natural teeth whitening secrets! While it is a great alternative, it might not always be the fastest option. For some of the best cosmetic dentistry in Westchester, come to our office for a teeth whitening session! Our dentists provide beautiful, long-lasting results in just a few appointments. Give us a call now to learn more!

Announcing our New Chappaqua Location!

Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale is excited to announce the opening of our second location in Chappaqua, NY!

This new location is situated right in the heart of the village of Chappaqua, just a short drive away from our original Scarsdale location. With close proximity to the highway (Saw Mill Parkway), the new office will allow us to offer excellent dental care to an entire new circle of patients residing in Chappaqua, Bedford Hills, Pleasantville, and Briarcliff Manor.

This is a new, secondary location, not a replacement for our original offices! Our current patients who live conveniently close to Scarsdale will still be able to receive their dental treatments at our popular Westchester County location, where Drs. Brisman, Celenza, and Loshak will continue to provide exemplary dental care.

New patients who live closer to the Chappaqua location can book appointments there. Dr. Brisman will be spending time in the new office as well, working with Dr. Barry Goldstein and his team members and providing the same great prosthodontic care he delivers at our Scarsdale location.


At our New Location

With the acquisition of this location in Chappaqua, we will be able to provide cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and gum disease treatments to a larger group of patients across Westchester County. Both offices will provide a full range of dental services. We also will provide all the same care, skill, and artistry you’ve come to expect. These include:Chappaqua location

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Teeth whitening, Invisalign, and veneers are just a few of the available cosmetic dentistry options in Chappaqua, where your smile can be transformed, brightened, straightened, and enhanced.

  • Dental Implants

    If you are missing a tooth due to trauma, decay, or a birth defect, having a qualified specialist place a dental implant in Chappaqua can give you back the functionality and aesthetics you deserve.

  • Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment

    Excellent gum disease treatment in Chappaqua will be available to keep your mouth in terrific health. Meanwhile, Dr. Loshak and Dr. Celenza will still provide superb periodontal care at our Westchester location.

Visit our Offices Today!

At Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale, our goal is to provide excellent service, premier dental care, and ultimate comfort to every patient. The same standards we’ve committed to at our Scarsdale location will be in practice at our new location in Chappaqua, and we look forward to seeing old patients and new experience the next level of dental care.

Contact our offices for an appointment today!

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale provides the Westchester area with great dental care and even provide permanent dental implants for replacing teeth. Dental implants replace the whole tooth, including the root entering into the gums and jaw line. Technology has advanced greatly in the field of tooth replacement and cosmetic dentistry in Westchester, which make implants more beneficial to the patient’s health and happiness.dental implants, when placed by an implant dentist in Westchester, can last for a lifetime.

What Exactly is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implants come with three distinct parts: the Implant, the Abutment, and the Crown.

  1. Implant: The Implant replaces the root of your tooth. It is surgically installed to the inner jaw beneath the gum line. The inner jaw holds the Implant in place.
  2. Abutment: The Abutment is the top part of the Implant and sticks out of the jaw and through the gum line. This is where the Crown will be attached.
  3. Crown: The Crown is a prosthetic tooth that is placed over the Abutment. After your Westchester implant dentist places the crown, he can shape it to match your natural teeth.

How Often Do You Change the Dental Implants?

A Dental Implant is intended to be a permanent solution and last a lifetime. With proper maintenance and good dental hygiene, you won’t need to replace it. The Crown, however, does not last as long. The Crown has a typical 10 to 15 year lifespan before you need to replace it. The life of the Crown could last even longer through proper care and maintenance. Another factor depends on the location of the Crown inside the mouth. The teeth in the back of your mouth are under a lot more stress and rigorous chewing than the teeth in the front.

Why are Dental Implants Better than Other Options?

Dental Implants are not the only option for tooth replacement. Other options include Dentures and Dental Bridges. Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale want to find the best option for you and your family and all the other Westchester residents. They will help choose the option that is the most comfortable and convenient for you. Dental Implants are considered better than dentures and dental bridges for several reasons. Dental Implants are permanent fixed cosmetic solutions and do not provide slipping or any extra cleaning routines, unlike dentures. Because Dental Implants are placed into the jaw, they are beneath the surface and won’t be bothered by normal tooth decay. They are different from dental bridges because they are out of the way and don’t cause any undue stress on adjacent teeth.

Interested in getting dental implants? Give your Westchester implant dentist a call today to see if you qualify!

Tooth Kandy–What is it, and is it safe?

Tooth Kandy is a company that specializes in teeth decorations. These gems and other flashy pieces of jewelry get cemented to your teeth. This however is not a new trend. Tooth implants were popular in the ‘90s and “Grills” became popular in the early 2000s. “Grills” were more practical because dentists can custom make them for the user. The individual could easily remove the “grill” at any time so every day activities could be unimpaired. This is not the case with Tooth Kandy.

What is Tooth Kandy?

Fashion is constantly changing. Tooth Kandy might be popular today but trends quickly change. It also isn’t as easy to change. These modifications and decorations are meant to last for years. Tooth Kandy uses the enamel of the tooth to apply professional orthodontic grade cement materials. Anyone can easily become certified in installing these Tooth Kandy but the cement and procedure is much like installing braces or fillings, and should only be used by professional dentists and orthodontists. If incorrectly applied and used these types of implants can cause severe and permanent harm to healthy teeth and gums.

Tooth Kandy are not as durable or beneficial to your smile like braces and fillings. Jewels can break and occasionally fall out. It is a purely cosmetic procedure that doesn’t offer any health benefits and is not covered by insurance providers. These gemstones and precious metals might look appealing to some people but for others the decorations might look like just like unwanted food stuck in your teeth.

Why You Shouldn’t Get Tooth Kandy

Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale wants you and your family to have happy healthy teeth and even happy and healthier smile. Tooth Kandy could cause damage to your teeth and gums in the long term and short term. Everyday routines concerning your teeth could have immediate problems problems. For instance brushing and flossing could become more difficult and increase your likelihood of disease and losing your bright and healthy smile. Tooth Kandy can make these tasks annoying and difficult. The inside of your mouth is an extremely sensitive part of your body and easily agitated. Having an extra piece of jewelry can disrupt and negatively affect daily activities such as speaking and eating.

Our dental office does not provide Tooth Kandy and strongly urge our patients to not try this procedure. We do, however, provide excellent cosmetic dentistry that can transform your smile. We want the best for our clients and potential future clients. Give us a call today to learn what we can do for you!

The Mouth-Body Connection

Did you know that the health of your mouth plays an important part in the overall health of your body? For years scientists have studied the connection between gum disease, diabetes, and heart disease. They’ve made some incredible discoveries when it comes to the mouth-body connection. Keep your mouth (and the rest of your body) healthy with twice-yearly dental screenings and gum disease treatment in Westchester. Keep the rest of your body healthy by visiting the your Westchester dentist for an exam!

the mouth-body connection

Your Mouth is the Gateway to Your Body

When bacteria builds up on the teeth due to a lack of dental care (or just regular brushing and flossing!) it makes your teeth more susceptible to gum disease, and possibly even a severe infection. If there is bacteria present on your gums or teeth, your immune system will send out a means of defense. This defense system causes inflammation throughout your mouth. The inflammation can erode and eat away at gum and bone tissue if you don’t get the infected treated. Inflammation like this is what causes periodontitis, or a severe form of gum disease. If you have periodontitis, visit our Westchester periodontist for an effective treatment method today!

Gum Disease, Heart Disease, and Diabetes

As many as 91% of patients with heart disease report a severe form of gum disease. Studies show inflammation in the mouth causes inflammation throughout the blood vessels, which could raise blood pressure and cause a severe heart attack.

Inflammation in the mouth is also said to severely affect the body’s ability to control and regulate blood sugar, which could result in type 2 diabetes. High blood sugars provide bacteria with the perfect growing ground, causing gum disease or periodontitis. Uncontrolled diabetes can also cause heart disease and other medical problems.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Protect your body by protecting your mouth from dental disease and decay! Visit the Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale twice yearly to keep your mouth healthy and damage free. With regular checkups our dental specialists will be able to catch (and treat!) any dental health issue before it affects the health of your entire body. Call our offices today to set up a consultation appointment and let us help you make your dental health a priority again! If you want to learn more about the mouth-body connection, see our page about it here.

Top 5 Misconceptions about Gum Disease

Periodontal Disease, more commonly known as gum disease, is one of the most misunderstood conditions within the mouth. Some people dismiss its risks and early signs until it’s too late. We have to understand that all of us are vulnerable to it. In fact, 50% of adults over 30 years old have some form of gum disease.

Top 5 misconceptions about gum disesase

It’s unfortunate how often we see cases where gum disease is not taken seriously. There can be a number of reasons why people don’t get treatment right away, but it’s important to know that at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale you will be treated by non-judgmental and caring staff whose primary concern is to help you have a healthy smile again. If you’re worried about the condition of your gum disease, please call us and schedule an appointment right away.

5 Misconceptions About Gum Disease

We’d like to dispel a few myths or misconceptions about gum disease. We hope it will help you gain a more in-depth understanding of this oral condition.

  1. Gum Disease is Unavoidable

    Gum disease is not a regular part of aging. The reasoning that brought about this myth is that as your body ages you become more prone to infection as your teeth and gums weaken. Because you are more prone to infection, gum disease can develop. Gum disease is caused by a build-up of plaque at your gum line which is just as true for the elderly as it is for youth.

  2. It’s Not a Big Deal

    Because gum disease is slow to develop, it can take years for its effects to be noticed. It’s easy to ignore small irritations over time and forget how a healthy mouth feels. Many seniors who have not addressed their gum disease find that their teeth have gone beyond repair and they lose most or all of them. This didn’t happen because they got old, it starts when we’re young and builds throughout our whole life. The good news is that no matter where you are in life, you can make a change. Excellent oral hygiene is affordable, and with the help of your Westchester periodontist, you can restore your beautiful smile!

  3. If Your Gums Don’t Bleed, You’re Not Doing It Right!

    Wrong. Let us end any form of this myth once and for all. Your gums should never bleed when you floss or brush. Bleeding during oral hygiene is a cause for concern and should be addressed right away. Because gum disease progresses slowly, it can be difficult to pinpoint the effects of it; however, bleeding gums are a major red flag!

    Now, while bleeding gums are a sign that you should schedule an appointment with your dentist right away, it’s not the only sign. If you have any of these signs in your mouth, please call us!

    • Sensitive and Red Gums
    • Mouth Sores
    • Receding gum line
    • Bad breath
    • Infections in and around your gums
    • Loose or separating teeth
    • Your teeth feel different when they chew
    • Partial dentures not fitting properly
  4. I Brush and Floss So I’m Fine

    While good hygiene habits are a great way to minimize gum disease, it may not always be enough. There are a number of other factors that can cause gum disease in your mouth. Some of them are smoking, certain medications, diabetes, genetics and many others. It’s important that regardless of your hygiene habits, you talk to your periodontist at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale if you see any of the signs we’ve talked about.

  5. Gum Disease Treatment Is Painful

    When gum disease is treated by a caring professional, discomfort is substantially minimized. Our Periodontal dentists are always on the leading edge of technology, bringing you safer, more comfortable and less invasive methods of treating gum disease.

I Have Gum Disease. Now What?

Nearly half of Americans over the age of 30 have some form of gum disease, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). It’s a little shocking! Any form of gum disease needs to be treated. The health of your mouth and your overall general health depend on it. As you are reading this, you are probably wondering if you have some form of gum disease. Here are some signs and symptoms to help you recognize it.

gum disease treatment in Westchester.

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum inflammations, or gingivitis, is one of the most common symptoms and earliest warning sign of gum disease. But, not every case of gingivitis will end up being gum disease. However it is time to visit us if your gums are bleeding and tender. We need to be able to clear away the plaque and tartar that has built up between your teeth. This build up causes bacteria leading to further problems. A thorough cleaning will often clear up the build-up and will help take care of irritation to the gums. If you are experiencing any of the following signs and symptoms it’s time to schedule a visit today to prevent any further gum disease complications.

  • Bright red, swollen, or tender gums.
  • Receding gums.
  • Spacing between the teeth.
  • Foul smelling and tasting discharge or pus between the teeth and gums.
  • Loose teeth.
  • Bad breath.
  • Bite problems.

What Can I Do About It?

The best way to prevent gum disease is good oral hygiene at home and regular visits your Westchester dentist. However, none of us are perfect and you may experience some of these signs of gum disease. The only way to cure gum disease is by seeking professional help. Until you can be seen by a professional here are some things you can do to lessen the symptoms:

  • Make certain you brush and floss at least twice a day. This will help reduce the amount of plaque buildup.
  • Rinse your mouth with a mouthwash that’s used to treat gingivitis, if you have a primary care physician you can ask for a prescription for an antimicrobial mouth rinse.
  • Schedule an appointment immediately with your Westchester Periodontist. As stated above, the only way to cure gum disease is to seek help and treatment from a professional.

It is not uncommon for you to be experiencing any of these signs of gum disease. We are here for you and want to help answer any questions you may have a find a solution for you. For gum disease treatment in Westchester, contact our office today.