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How Do You Clean Dental Crowns

cosmetic dentistry in Westchester is more than just a luxury

Dental crowns are one of the most commonly used methods of repairing damaged teeth and provide a durable chewing surface and aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

That’s all well and good, but if you have dental crowns in place, you might be wondering how to keep them in good shape and how to maintain them going forward. It’s vital because they’re going to be in place for a long time, and you want to ensure they continue to meet your needs. Here’s what you need to know about cleaning and taking care of your dental crowns.

Cleaning Dental Crowns

The good news is there’s nothing at all complicated about cleaning your dental crowns. You need to follow our advice for cleaning regular teeth; there’s no real difference at all. Brush them twice a day with a manual or electric toothbrush and whichever brand of toothpaste you prefer. Spend two minutes on the task each time you clean them and be sure to floss afterward, too. If you do that, they’ll remain in good shape.

Eating with Dental Crowns

Once you’ve recovered from the process of having the dental implants fitted and any sensitivity has died down, you shouldn’t have any problems at all eating anything you want with your new dental crowns. Of course, you do need to give yourself some time to recover after the initial process, but as long as you do that, you’ll have no issues. The only thing to be aware of is that very sticky food can sometimes cause problems for new crowns.

How Your Dentist Can Help

When you have your crowns in place, it’s best to look after them and make sure that they’re checked and assessed regularly by your dentist. That’s why you need to keep making appointments for routine checkups so your dentist can see how everything’s going. They can make sure that they’re in place and secure as they should be and carry out any treatment or repairs when it’s necessary to do so.

What To Do If A Crown Falls Out

No one wants to go through the experience of having a crown fall out, but it can happen, and you should know what to do in the event of it happening to you. Put it in a secure bag if it falls out and schedule an appointment with us at the earliest opportunity. They’ll either be able to refit it or have a new crown fitted to replace the one that fell out. It’s especially important to seek attention you are experiencing pain.

Schedule An Appointment Today

If you have any further concerns or you’re interested in dental crown procedures, why not get in touch and arrange an appointment with our team. Our team of dental professionals is highly skilled, and some of the most reliable professionals in the area. We’ll take care of you the moment you arrive at your appointment.

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