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How Do You Clean Dentures?

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Dentures are worn in order to help people speak, eat, and smile naturally when they have lost a tooth or a number of teeth. However, in order for their used to be successful, you need to make sure you maintain and clean your dentures properly. In this blog post, we will discuss how to clean your dentures effectively, as this is critical when it comes to maintaining good daily hygiene. Nevertheless, you may find that you need to take extra steps on occasion to get rid of the bacteria that is hard to remove. 

How Food Gathers In Your Dentures

Food particles collect on your dentures whenever you eat. Food can become trapped under a lower denture when it drifts to the floor of your mouth. In addition to this, when compared with oral tissues, food is going to stick to the surface of your denture material more easily, which can build up over time. 

The Issues That Arise From This Buildup of Food

If the food particles that have stuck to different areas of your dentures are not removed, it can result in a number of different oral issues. In fact, RDH Magazine has stated that 87 percent of people who wear dentures experience bad breath. Food buildup is the major contributor to this.

How To Clean Your Dentures

Now you know why it is so important to clean your dentures as well as engaging in your typical daily brushing. With that being said, we are going to take a look at how to do this properly. You should use a deep-cleaning solution on a periodic basis to deep clean the dentures and soak away any deposits of food. These solutions will usually come in effervescent tablets, which have been formulated specifically for denture cleaning.

Make sure you do not use brushes with stiff bristles or any other sort of materials that are abrasive. This includes products containing bleach and whitening toothpastes, as they can cause damage to the dentures. Also, you can warp your dentures if you use boiling water or very hot water to clean them.

Look inside the denture to make sure there are not any food particles left after they have been soaked. If there are, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and scrub or brush in order to get rid of the particles. Make sure that you rinse your dentures thoroughly afterward. 

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how to care for your dentures properly. If you follow the advice and suggestions that have been mentioned above, you should have nothing to worry about when it comes to denture maintenance.

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