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What is Full Mouth Debridement?

A full mouth debridement is a special kind of deep dental cleaning that could be required if a person has heavy plaque tartar build-up on his or her teeth. Patients in need of a full debridement probably won’t have seen a dentist for a checkup or cleaning in a long time, possibly not for years.  Without regular care, it’s common for there to be a heavy buildup of plaque and tartar, which obscures the teeth structure down to and past the gum line. The obstruction would make it difficult or perhaps even impossible for a dentist to be able to provide a full exam and accurate assessment of the person’s oral health. To clear the build-up, and recommend next steps to restoring dental health, a full mouth debridement will be the first step. 

Is This The Same As A Normal Dental Cleaning?

It’s easy to mistake a debridement for cleaning, however it is not the same type of service. Instead, a debridement will be completed before a cleaning. It will usually involve an electronic scaler. This will pulverize the plaque with a mixture of pressure and water to ensure that it is removed from the teeth and gums. 

A debridement will usually only be required once, and will be completed in one visit. The heavy plaque and tartar build-up will come away during the debridement, and the next visit, which will typically take place a few weeks later, will involve a regular cleaning and another exam. Without the buildup, we will get a good look at the patient’s gums and teeth. If there are signs of gum disease, we will discuss necessary periodontal treatments to restore gum health. We will also take new X-rays and determine a course of treatments needed for tooth restoration. 

Sedation is an option for patients who need a full mouth debridement, which we will discuss before making a debridement appointment. In some cases, sedation can be necessary, due to the fact that the build-up of plaque and tartar can make your gums quite sensitive, and the treatment may cause discomfort. Some cases can take a while, and sedation will keep a patient comfortable while the work is completed. Sedation dentistry is a good option for anyone who has anxiety about coming in for treatment. We’re here to resolve those fears so you can get the care you need. 

Why Is Debridement Necessary?

A debridement treatment is necessary when a person’s teeth and gums are so neglected that they are obscured by plaque build-up. The removal of the build-up, and damaged tissue, is the first step to restoring a patient’s dental health. If you find yourself in a situation where you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, but you are in need of dental care, please know that we understand that the prospect of being in the chair can be difficult to face. Patients can be embarrassed, or unsure how to handle anxiety associated with being in a situation where you are vulnerable. We have sedation options to help you relax while you are with us, and we will never treat you with anything other than the utmost respect. We feel honored to be trusted with your care.

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