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How Do You Clean Invisalign Trays?

When braces are required, many Westchester dental patients choose Invisalign® because they’re clear, harder to notice and easier to remove. They can also seem less daunting because they’re free of the metal and wires that traditional braces use.

However, if you’ve used your Invisalign® trays for a while, you may be wondering how to clean them properly to ensure that they stay as clean as the day you received them. Avoiding this could lead to discoloration, bacteria buildup or even smelly odors if you’re not careful. So to help you out, we’ve put together this post to explain how to clean Invisalign® trays.

  1. Clean Your Invisalign® Trays Before Wearing Them

Much like your natural teeth, you should be cleaning your trays every morning before you wear them to prevent bacteria from building up. Clean both the inside and outside using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. You should brush them much like you would your regular teeth and rinse them off afterwards, allowing them a bit of time to try before putting them on. Toothpaste and a soft brush should be enough and you want to avoid using a mouthwash or other type of cleaner. Be gentle when brushing your Invisalign® trays to avoid damaging them physically.

  1. When Removing Invisalign® Trays, Rinse Them

If you’ve been wearing your Invisalign® trays for some time, then they’ve probably accumulated a bit of saliva and bacteria just from everyday use. To prevent dry saliva, plaque and bacteria from building up, make sure you rinse your Invisalign® trays once they’re removed from your mouth. Brushing them with a soft toothbrush and a bit of toothpaste works to keep them as clean as possible, but rinsing them with water and drying them can also work if you’re in a hurry or unable to use a brush and toothpaste at the time.

  1. Brush and Floss Before Putting Invisalign® Trays On

In order to keep your Invisalign® trays clean and free from bacteria, it’s important to also keep your teeth clean. Before you wear your Invisalign® trays, make sure you’re brushing your teeth and flossing so that any bacteria on them doesn’t sit on the inside of your Invisalign® trays. If you wear them while there’s still bits of food between your teeth, then it will trap them in your trays and eventually lead to dental issues in the future.

  1. Don’t Leave Them in the Open

Exposing your Invisalign® trays to the open air could lead to a buildup of bacteria, especially if they’re moist and warm. Make sure you always carry a case with you to keep them safe and make sure you practice some basic maintenance tips to ensure that they stay clean. Your Invisalign® trays will already be exposed to a lot of bacteria since you’re wearing them every day, so you don’t want to make it worse by also exposing them to things like dirt, food splashes and being dropped on the floor.

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