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What Is A Bone Graft?

Implant-Supported Dentures in Scarsdale, NY

A bone graft is a procedure that fixes the damage that is caused by gum disease or from having a tooth removed. Bone grafts aid in a healthier bone structure by growing new bone around where the damage has occurred. Some patients will be in need of a bone graft if they are having dental implants placed. There are three main types of bone grafts, which will be discussed below. 

The process of a bone graft will depend on the exact issue that you are facing, but will generally be determined by an x-ray of the infected area, followed by an anesthetic being applied to the area. Then, a small incision will be made in the gum where the dental implants will be fitted and the tooth’s root will be cleaned. The area will then be prepared and fitted with the graft material. Once complete your mouth with be cleaned and your gums will be sewn back together to protect the new graft. After the surgery, you will be given antibiotics to help prevent infection and help with the healing. It takes approximately 6-9 months for the area where the graft is placed to heal.  

As technology and dentistry advances, as does the techniques to restore the bone. Our professional multi-specialty practice in Westchester will ensure that if you need a bone graft the procedure will be effective and simple. There are 3 main types of grafting methods:

  • Block grafts
  • Particulate grafts
  • Sinus lift procedures 

Bone Grafts & Dental Implants

A long-term solution to gum disease or tooth loss, dental implants work alongside bone grafting. An artificial tooth root is inserted into the jaw and holds the replacement tooth in place. Dental Implants function and feel like a natural tooth. It will need to be fitted after a bone graft is placed. Otherwise, shrinking can occur in the existing bone structure (a common side effect of tooth extraction) which will not take a dental implant. 

What Is A Sinus Lift?

If you are missing some of your upper molar teeth, it might result in extensive bone loss. This will affect your maxillary sinus, resulting in them dropping down. In this case, when the bone is too fragile for a dental implant, a dentist will lift the maxillary sinuses through bone grafting. Thickening the bone and raising the floor of the sinus, this surgery will take approximately 5 months to heal before the bone is ready for dental implants. 

What Is A Small Bone Graft?

To make sure that there is minimal shrinkage after a tooth extraction or the gum disease is fixed, a small graft will be placed. This will help with lowering the amount of bone loss you suffer from. It will be filled with demineralized bone granules (usually taken from the jawbone at the back of your mouth) before a protective collagen membrane is applied. The incision will then be sewed up and it will take a few weeks for the granules to integrate. 

What Is A Medium Bone Graft?

If you have been suffering from tooth loss or gum disease for a few years, a medium graft will have to be undertaken. Following the same procedure as the small graft, the difference between the two procedures is that the medium graft can be used on a larger area of missing teeth. 

What Is A Large Bone Graft?

Tooth loss that has been affecting a patient for a decade will have resulted in extensive levels of bone loss. In this case, a large graft will have to be undertaken. At this point, dental implants simply aren’t possible due to how fragile the jaw bone is. This procedure is the same as the small and medium graft – the only difference being that the bone granules will be taken from another part of the body, for example, the hip, to form a block of bone. It will be secured into place with screws that are specially made before a protective collagen membrane is used. A dental implant then might be able to be fitted after a few months of healing.

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