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Announcing our New Chappaqua Location!

Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale is excited to announce the opening of our second location in Chappaqua, NY!

This new location is situated right in the heart of the village of Chappaqua, just a short drive away from our original Scarsdale location. With close proximity to the highway (Saw Mill Parkway), the new office will allow us to offer excellent dental care to an entire new circle of patients residing in Chappaqua, Bedford Hills, Pleasantville, and Briarcliff Manor.

This is a new, secondary location, not a replacement for our original offices! Our current patients who live conveniently close to Scarsdale will still be able to receive their dental treatments at our popular Westchester County location, where Drs. Brisman, Celenza, and Loshak will continue to provide exemplary dental care.

New patients who live closer to the Chappaqua location can book appointments there. Dr. Brisman will be spending time in the new office as well, working with Dr. Barry Goldstein and his team members and providing the same great prosthodontic care he delivers at our Scarsdale location.


At our New Location

With the acquisition of this location in Chappaqua, we will be able to provide cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and gum disease treatments to a larger group of patients across Westchester County. Both offices will provide a full range of dental services. We also will provide all the same care, skill, and artistry you’ve come to expect. These include:Chappaqua location

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Teeth whitening, Invisalign, and veneers are just a few of the available cosmetic dentistry options in Chappaqua, where your smile can be transformed, brightened, straightened, and enhanced.

  • Dental Implants

    If you are missing a tooth due to trauma, decay, or a birth defect, having a qualified specialist place a dental implant in Chappaqua can give you back the functionality and aesthetics you deserve.

  • Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment

    Excellent gum disease treatment in Chappaqua will be available to keep your mouth in terrific health. Meanwhile, Dr. Loshak and Dr. Celenza will still provide superb periodontal care at our Westchester location.

Visit our Offices Today!

At Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale, our goal is to provide excellent service, premier dental care, and ultimate comfort to every patient. The same standards we’ve committed to at our Scarsdale location will be in practice at our new location in Chappaqua, and we look forward to seeing old patients and new experience the next level of dental care.

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