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5 Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth

There are lots of teeth staining foods that most of us are aware of and we try to stay away from them as much as possible. Things like coffee, red wine, and beer are some of the best-known causes. But did you know that there are foods that can help whiten your teeth? And, you can eat them too!

Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

5 foods that can whiten your teeth.

We have lots of patients looking for teeth whitening in Westchester. While we provide excellent cosmetic dentistry, we also want you to know about natural ways to whiten your teeth between appointments. Raw vegetables and fresh fruits contain key ingredients that prevent decay and combat hard-to-remove plaque. Don’t believe us? Try them for yourself.

  • Broccoli

    This crunchy veggie, when eaten raw, can act as a mini toothbrush. When you eat broccoli, the stems scrape away plaque and foods accumulated during the day. And, the iron found in broccoli can also strengthen tooth enamel.

  • Oranges

    Did you know that you can use an orange peel? Unlike most other citrus fruits, orange peels are not acidic. Within the peel of the orange fruit is a unique variant of vitamin C that can be used as a gentle alternative to synthetic whiteners! Using it is quite simple. Wash the orange peel in clean water. Take the white interior and rub it along your teeth to naturally whiten your teeth.

  • Strawberries

    Combine strawberry paste with baking soda. It allows the malic acid in the strawberry to whiten your teeth. Don’t forget to brush afterward though, berries have lots of sugar that can decay teeth!

  • Carrots

    Crunchy carrots provide an abrasive surface that can scrape away plaque along the gum line. Try biting one in half and rubbing it across your teeth for an even cleaner finish!

  • Cheese

    Lactic acids in cheeses will help guard teeth against future decay. Chose cheese that’s hard to slice, like aged gouda. The hardened surfaces can also nix stains that are caused by the build-up of food particles.

Get Teeth Whitening Today!

We hope you have fun using and sharing our natural teeth whitening secrets! While it is a great alternative, it might not always be the fastest option. For some of the best cosmetic dentistry in Westchester, come to our office for a teeth whitening session! Our dentists provide beautiful, long-lasting results in just a few appointments. Give us a call now to learn more!

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