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How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale provides the Westchester area with great dental care and even provide permanent dental implants for replacing teeth. Dental implants replace the whole tooth, including the root entering into the gums and jaw line. Technology has advanced greatly in the field of tooth replacement and cosmetic dentistry in Westchester, which make implants more beneficial to the patient’s health and happiness.dental implants, when placed by an implant dentist in Westchester, can last for a lifetime.

What Exactly is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implants come with three distinct parts: the Implant, the Abutment, and the Crown.

  1. Implant: The Implant replaces the root of your tooth. It is surgically installed to the inner jaw beneath the gum line. The inner jaw holds the Implant in place.
  2. Abutment: The Abutment is the top part of the Implant and sticks out of the jaw and through the gum line. This is where the Crown will be attached.
  3. Crown: The Crown is a prosthetic tooth that is placed over the Abutment. After your Westchester implant dentist places the crown, he can shape it to match your natural teeth.

How Often Do You Change the Dental Implants?

A Dental Implant is intended to be a permanent solution and last a lifetime. With proper maintenance and good dental hygiene, you won’t need to replace it. The Crown, however, does not last as long. The Crown has a typical 10 to 15 year lifespan before you need to replace it. The life of the Crown could last even longer through proper care and maintenance. Another factor depends on the location of the Crown inside the mouth. The teeth in the back of your mouth are under a lot more stress and rigorous chewing than the teeth in the front.

Why are Dental Implants Better than Other Options?

Dental Implants are not the only option for tooth replacement. Other options include Dentures and Dental Bridges. Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale want to find the best option for you and your family and all the other Westchester residents. They will help choose the option that is the most comfortable and convenient for you. Dental Implants are considered better than dentures and dental bridges for several reasons. Dental Implants are permanent fixed cosmetic solutions and do not provide slipping or any extra cleaning routines, unlike dentures. Because Dental Implants are placed into the jaw, they are beneath the surface and won’t be bothered by normal tooth decay. They are different from dental bridges because they are out of the way and don’t cause any undue stress on adjacent teeth.

Interested in getting dental implants? Give your Westchester implant dentist a call today to see if you qualify!

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