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How To Find a Dental Implant Surgeon in Westchester, NY

Are you looking for a dental implant surgeon in Westchester? It is important to seek out the right surgeon with not only the education needed, but the right experience. Dental implants are one of the most delicate oral surgery procedures. They need a periodontist and prosthodontist to ensure the procedure’s success. Use the following tips to find a dental implant professional to perform cosmetic dentistry in Westchester.Here are tips to finding the best dental implant surgeon in Westchester, NY

Tip #1: Ask About Experience

When seeking the right professionals to work on your teeth, it is important to start with research. It is vital to find out about the experience and education of the individuals that will perform your procedure. Dr. Loshak is the resident dental implant surgeon and periodontist at Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale. Dr. Loshak works closely with Dr. Brisman, a prosthodontist who creates the dental crowns that will be attached to the dental implant. Dental implant procedures require the right training, not just a weekend training course.

Tip #2: Ask to See Their Work

Another important element to consider when searching for a periodontist in Westchester is to review their work. A skilled periodontist will be happy to show you before-and-after images of previous patient’s smiles. Ask them about their work and how many procedures they have performed. While dental implants boast a 98% success rate, you do need to chat with the implant specialist about their personal success rate. You need to talk about the prosthodontist in Westchester and see their work as well. A high-quality prosthetic tooth attached to the implant needs to not only look great, but it needs to function long-term. For our past dental implant work, check out our smile gallery page.

Tip #3: Discuss the Procedure in Detail

When you meet with a periodontist it is important to discuss the procedure in detail. Discuss their techniques and determine how long the procedure will take and what you can expect. Some patients can end up with a minimal recovery while others need to rest for a day or two before returning to work. Going to a single location for dental implants will allow you to avoid several visits to many offices for the dental implant. The costs of the procedure can be lower with everything in-house, and will make it easier for you to have your smile restored.

If you are seeking a dental implant surgeon in Westchester NY, contact Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale. We will be happy to schedule a consultation today.

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