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Why You Should Use a Dental Implant Surgeon

You might see dental implants advertised everywhere, from your oral surgeon’s office to the basic dentist down the street. Many professionals market dental implants as a routine procedure. Dental implant surgeons in Westchester are a better option for dental implants. Here are four reasons why you should work with a dental surgeon for your dental implants in Scarsdale.You should consider using a dental implant surgeon in Westchester if you have missing teeth.

4 Reasons You Should Only Use a Dental Implant Surgeon

  • Special Training

    Unlike general or family dentists, periodontists receive specialized training. This training involves the placement and care of dental implants. As part of their training, Dr. Kevin M. Loshak and Dr. Frank Celenza worked with some of the area’s top periodontists. They did to better understand the intricacies of dental implant surgery. This extra training helps them plan procedures and create a pleasing result for patients. They care about improving their patients’ appearance, comfort level, and healing time.

  • More Procedures

    Dentists who offer dental implants as part of their normal practice don’t tend to place as many implants. This is because many patients opt for periodontists or dental surgeons. Because specialists tend to place more implants, they have much more experience. In the case of emergency, they also have extra abutments, crowns, and implants on hand.

  • A Better Understanding of Complications

    More experience means that dental surgeons and periodontists understand complications and how to avoid them along the way. For example, careful treatment planning can help you avoid dental implant complications. By working with a dental surgeon, you might have a higher chance of a successful procedure. As a result, this will save you time, money, and frustration.

  • Focused Care

    Dental surgeons who offer dental implants understand all aspects of dental implant placement. This helps them to offer focused, compassionate care to their patients. Periodontists have a deeper understanding of dental implant placement as well.

Schedule Your Dental Implants Consultation Today

If you have missing teeth and need dental implants, schedule your consultation today. Dr. Steven Brisman, Prosthodontist, is proud to own Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale. It is a multi-specialty practice offering prosthodontics, periodontics, and orthodontics to all of Westchester County, New York. Contact us today to see if you are a candidate for dental implants in Westchester.

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