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The Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

The benefits of cosmetic bondingTwo of the most versatile procedures in cosmetic dentistry are porcelain veneers and dental bonding. Whereas veneers are made from thin shells of ceramic, dental bonding uses the same composite resin substance that composes tooth-colored fillings. This resin is applied to your teeth and skillfully sculpted into the desired shape.

Veneers and cosmetic bonding have similar uses and can both be used to repair cracks and chips in the teeth, to correct discoloration, to make teeth appear straighter, to narrow gaps between teeth, and to change their length and shape for a better appearance. Porcelain veneers are a better long-term solution in those who qualify for them, but despite its shorter lifespan, cosmetic bonding offers several advantages which can make it the best option in many cases.

When veneers fail
Porcelain veneers rely on the patient having the structure of their natural teeth intact enough to support them. If the damage to your teeth is extensive enough, you may not qualify for veneers at all. Cosmetic bonding is the go-to option in this type of case, and can provide visually similar results.

The fastest option
Dental bonding allows for immediate improvement in the appearance of your teeth in as short a time as possible. Where veneers take multiple visits to create and apply, cosmetic bonding can be completed in a single visit to our office, in as little as half an hour to an hour per tooth. It is the quickest cosmetic dentistry solution for almost any visual defect.

Cosmetic dentistry on a budget
The factor which does the most to set cosmetic bonding apart is that it is the most economical way to correct almost any dental flaw. While it isn’t a perfect cure-all, and is a short-term solution in dentistry terms, dental bonding is very effective for the three to five years that it lasts and provides an inexpensive alternative when other procedures are out of reach.

Talk to a Specialist
Deciding between porcelain veneers and dental bonding will always come down to the specifics of your individual situation. Our great group of doctors can help you decide which solution is right for you. Call today to make an appointment with our office, or request an appointment online.

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