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Happy Thanksgiving from Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale!

As you kick off the holiday season, we want to remind you to be prepared for all the extra excitement that Thanksgiving brings. Make sure you have your turkeys picked out, your bags packed or your house ready for guests, all your invitations delivered, and everything in place, not just for the upcoming feast–but for your dental care afterward.

As you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, the bacteria in your mouth will also be feasting on all the extra sugar that those sweet potatoes, pies, and cranberry sauce contain. A large meal can accelerate the development of plaque in your mouth, so be sure to brush and floss with especial care after your Thanksgiving meal. Also watch out for any staining caused by wine or after-dinner coffee, both of which can leave dark spots on your teeth. If you’re participating in a game of Thanksgiving football, take care not to protect your teeth. Dental injuries are common during contact sports.

And if anything should go wrong, remember that Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale is here to help with all your dentistry needs. We’ll resume business after the holiday; call us during our scheduled hours of operation to get an appointment, or schedule your exam online.

Above all, enjoy your holiday!


Happy Thanksgiving,

Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale

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